About Us

The Bridgeport Public School Debate League (BPSDL) was founded in 2014 as a way to introduce students to the art of parliamentary debate, while fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills, nurture self-confidence, provide opportunities to engage in independent research and expose students to topics involving politics, education, government, the environment and other important current and historical events.

Participation is open to all Bridgeport public school students in grades 6-12. The League is divided into 2 divisions, middle school and high school. Each school in the respective divisions will debating each other at various tournaments throughout the year. Students in the high school division also have the option of debating in the New Haven Urban Debate League (NHUDL) tournaments. Each school may enter as many teams as they wish to BPSDL tournaments. Space is limited for UDL tournaments.

The BPSDL works with the Yale Debate Association and the New Haven Urban Debate League who provide training and logistical support for all our students and coaches. Sponsorship for the League is made possible through the generous support of the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association.